Deta IT provides you the best cost efficient email marketing solution available in the market.

We can provide you the entire Virtual Set up for email marketing and you can use your own email address database and send emails.

Today’s online marketer requires an intuitive email marketing solution that provides maximum revenue opportunity by automating daily campaign execution and powering advanced marketing.

Bulk email marketing is a powerful tool at your disposal, in this high tech age. With our enhanced Bulk email marketing and newsletter services we seek to provide you with cutting edge web assistance.

So far we have catered our client friendly services to a large number of corporate giants, small as well as medium scale business entities.

With us you can also enjoy the facility of saving your emails from getting lost in the labyrinth of unwanted spamming.

At the same time we seek to adorn you with an array of value added benefits such as

  • Send Reports
  • Click Reports
  • Bounced Reports
  • Automated Unsubscribe Facilities – If someone does not want to receive email from any particular user then they can unsubscribe this email, after unsubscribe them will never receive promotional emails.

Email marketing is the most crucial Internet Marketing tool. Any successful online promotional effort is incomplete without incorporating database or bulk email marketing and newsletter services.

Bulk email marketing is a powerful tool. It is cost-effective, superbly targetable, and fully customisable.

It allows you to instantly reach hundreds or even thousands of people, no matter their worldwide location, by dropping an email directly into their most productive touchpoint – their email inbox.

An email marketing campaign is also an affordable way to build your customer base, increase repeat business, and grow your company’s brand.

A campaign can be created to achieve various goals, from strengthening consumer relationships, or increasing awareness regarding a promotion.

Email marketing allows marketers to create and maintain a continual dialogue with consumers.

Deta IT’s bulk email service provides you with an easy, hassle-free means of sending large numbers of email to your bulk mailing lists.